Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every legal business in the United States will be Approved. Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation or Non-Profit, you will be Approved. The process takes typically takes around 24 hours.

  • Copy of a pre-printed Voided Check or a Letter from the Bank
  • Copy of most recent Bank Statement (Name on Statement must match name on Application)
  • Copy of Owner’s or Principal’s Government Issued ID (Driver’s License or Passport)
  • Copy of any ONE of the following documents that verifies the business
    • DBA Filing or Fictitious Business Name Filing
    • Business License
    • Resale License or Tax Certificate
    • Articles of Incorporation or Corporation Notification from your State
    • EIN Notification (Form SS4) from IRS

Any document that your Bank Accepted when you set up your Checking Account as “proof of business”

Checks must be drawn against a US Bank. We cannot accept checks from Canada or other countries.

All checks entered before 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM PST are deposited the NEXT BUSINESS DAY and will appear in your account immediately. Your bank “may” choose to hold funds based on your own Account Status or Bank Balance. While rare, it is a decision YOUR bank makes. Check with your deposit Bank for their policy.

No. But sometimes customers you work with underestimate their checking account balance,  leading to checks rejected for Non-Sufficient Funds. Your bank may charge a fee if your customer’s check bounces or if your customer places a Stop Payment on the Check.

We offer a Check-the-Check service that can help prevent fraudulent attempts prior to acceptance. Ask your salesperson about this service.

A Demand Draft, also known as a Remotely Created Check or a Substitute Check is an authorized payment from a remitter (your customer) presented to your bank using’s software. It is similar to a traditional check, but no signature is required. This service is identical to a Bank’s online Bill Pay service. It is 100% legal and governed by the Uniform Commercial Code.

We have two types of payment-accepting banks, called In-Network and Out-of-Network Banks. Banks in our Network that also qualify for Next Day Funding include: Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Banc of California, Bank of the West, and likely your bank too. Contact us!

Our pricing is excellent for our clients. Banks do vary the their rates according to industry and other risk factors, as they consider them.

Yes. We work with many Agents and ISOs in the payment processing space. We also work with affiliates in many different industries. Please call or leave your contact details and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

Yes. It usually is. But while every legal merchant can get approved for eChecks, not every merchant in every industry can get approved for credit cards.

Sometimes bad personal credit or lack of processing history keep a bank from approving a merchant account for credit card processing.  

Many of our clients use eChecks for a few months until they have built up credit and a payment history that banks consider sufficient to quality them for credit cards.  

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