Hosted Pay Pages

Hosted Pay Pages

Do you have a business and website that focuses on selling a single service, product, or small number of products? Then hosted pay pages may be just for you.

What’s a hosted pay page? 

Instead of installing a shopping cart on your site with many choices of products, you create and use a very simple and easy-to-use pay button. It’s visible right on your website. 

When you sign up for eCheckProcessing, you can easily create the button in your virtual terminal* 
Your customers will love it for its ease of use.  You will like it because it’s a direct and obvious “call to action”, which marketing people recommend for optimizing your website for higher sales and revenue. 
*The Virtual Terminal is your control center for all things eCheck-oriented, including e-invoicing, viewing transactions, and creating hosted pay pages. You gain access to your own terminal when you sign up with


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