Lockbox Services

Some customers simply don’t want to pay online. They want to send you an old-fashioned paper check. But you want your money as fast as you can! You don’t want to wait around and physically be present to receive the mail…and you don’t have time to take it to the bank. We can help! Our Lockbox Service will:

  • Speed up your paper check processing
  • Reduce chances for theft, fraud and errors
  • Increase your own back-office efficiency
  • Improve cash flow

How Lockbox works:

  1. You will change your Billing Address to your unique Lockbox address that we assign.
  2. We then start accepting your remittances (paper checks) daily.
  3. We open the envelope and physically input your payment into our payment processing portal.
    1. You have a complete record of every check received and who sent it.
    2. Copies of actual paper checks are available upon request for 30 days
  4. We deposit the check into your bank NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

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