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Are you in the Kratom businesses? Then you likely know banks will not approve you for a Credit Card Merchant Account.

Banks are wary, to say the least of doing business with Kratom merchants. This is the case because though legal, the tropical leaves called Kratom are not yet FDA approved. And although advocates tout the tropic evergreen tree leave (from the coffee family) for its use in traditional medicine and for possible relief of pain, depression and anxiety, the FDA has not yet approved any uses for it due to potential properties exposing users to addiction, abuse, and dependence.

So how can you take payments for it? Well, has the perfect solution for you.

The solution is eChecks because we can get all legally operating businesses approved. These payments clear in your own bank account, there are never Chargebacks, and we can even get you better rates than the Credit Card Merchant Account banks will not approve you for anyway. 

Please leave your contact information in the form provided or call us directly. We will answer any questions you have or tell you what rate we can offer you.

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