Virtual Terminal

The eCheckProcessing Virtual Terminal

Just enter your login Credentials and start accepting payments online by entering your customer’s payment details

Your virtual terminal is the control center for all things having to do with e-check.  It is here you get to see all the approved transactions from your customers. You also get to send out safe and secure e-invoices to customers who prefer to pay that way.

Other things you can do in your virtual terminal include changing your account details. You can also cancel transactions. You may also to your account, and you also have there a reference date for transactions if you notice your banks is taking longer than usual in clearing your deposited checks. 

It is also through the virtual terminal that you can set up recurring or subscription billing. That works well for those businesses and products that require it. 

The virtual terminal is intuitive and easy to learn and use. Just login and take a look around it. 

Try sending a test e-invoice to yourself. Also, try making a test transaction from your site for one dollar.

When you are approved for eCheckProcessing we send you the login credentials for your virtual terminal so you can login right away.

And rest assured that your virtual terminal is safe and secure. Of course it is – it is PCI Compliant! 


  1. Virtual Terminal
  2. Send your Customer an e-Invoice
  3. Use a secure Pay Page

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