Installation - WooCommerce eCheck Plugin

Installation - WooCommerce eCheck Plugin

Important – please always backup your website before making upgrades or changes!

This WordPress plugin lets our gateway work with the WooCommerce Storefront to accept eChecks safely and securely.

Installation is simple. Use WordPress’s built-in installer.

WooCommerce eCheck Plugin Installation:

Navigate to Plugins "Add New" section on WordPress site. It is in the left hand menu. Click Add New.

Step one of plugin installation into Woo Commerce

Go to Search Plugins box (see image that follows). Type or copy and paste "echeck processing" into that box:

Step two of plugin installation into Woo Commerce

Click the Install Now button (image below).

Install Now Icon

Now click the Activate button.

Activate Icon

In lefthand menu, select Woo Commerce, and select Settings submenu (see image below).

Choose Payments tab.

Next Step to install echeck plugin into Woo Commerce

Select eCheck toggle and click Manage

Make sure to save your changes by clicking "Save changes" button at bottom of page.

Save Changes

Click Manage button.

Add the emailed Username and Password in the Username box and Password box.

Add Username and Password

Please make sure to click Save button.

Click Save

We recommend you process a live transaction using your own checking account details.

For example, you might do a $1 dollar test transaction on your website.

Also run test transactions with your own payment details

After running your successful test transaction, you may login into your eCheckProcessing Payment Gateway dashboard and Void the test transaction from the Transaction list, selectable from the left hand menu.

If you have successfully run a test transaction using our eCheck payment method, you are done. Good job!

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Apply Now!