About eCheckProcessing.com

eCheckProcessing.com is a payments technology company. We offer a safe and secure alternative to heavy-handed credit card processors and the stifling regulations of ACH providers.

After years of telling Merchants that Master Card and Visa thought their business was too risky or that they had too many chargebacks, we knew there was an opportunity to service a vast growing sector of “unbanked” merchants. Merchants whose products or services are deemed unacceptable by traditional credit card processors must operate in the shadows using unsecured alternative payments, shady offshore processors or illegitimate payment aggregators. This market represents $13 Billion Dollars annually in lost sales! By using Banking regulations established in 2004, and regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code, our technology team developed a software-based service allowing these forgotten merchants a legal, safe and secure way to operate their business.

Today, eCheckProcessing is the industry leader in Electronic Check software. Offering Remotely Created Checks or Demand Drafts as a service to unbanked Merchants, we have disrupted the chokehold of the Big Banks and allowed our merchants to come out of the shadows. Of course, we do not accept any merchants who are involved in deceptive practices, defraud customers, operate an illegal business or sell illegal items.

To all others, our management team is dedicated to providing this payment acceptance solution to all legally formed and legitimate merchants regardless of their industry or their chargeback history.

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